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Why is Remarketing Such a Successful Strategy That All B2B Organizations Should Consider Using Now?

Remarketing (v): a form of online targeted advertising by which online advertising is targeted to consumers based on their previous Internet actions. Retargeting tags online users by including a pixel within the target webpage or email, which sets a cookie in the user's browser. -Wikipedia

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing is a marketing strategy that allows you to show an ad to people who visited a specific page on your website. This is extremely important in today’s virtual environment. Buyers are doing research online to find the best, most price competitive products and services on the market. Using a remarketing strategy can help keep your business on their mind.

There are several benefits to running remarketing campaigns:

  1. Well-timed targeting: you are showing your ads to people who already showed interest in the products or services you offer. Businesses often do a lot of research before making a purchase decision, so it’s helpful to remind them that your product or service is a contender when they’re looking at other options.

  2. Brand knowledge: people who see your ads already know who you are. Even if they’re not extremely familiar with you, they have at least seen your branding before, since they’ve been on your website.

  3. Focused advertising: remarketing makes it extremely easy to focus your ads on one specific topic. Since remarketing is set up where ads are targeted at people who were on a specific page, you know exactly what people are interested in.

Because of these benefits, remarketing campaigns result in higher conversion rates for B2B companies than traditional search engine advertising.

How Remarketing Works

Mike is looking for desk chairs for his business. He is searching for the highest quality chairs for the best price to keep his employees happy and comfortable. He starts his research by doing a simple Google search for comfortable desk chairs and clicks on the first link which brings him to Kristin’s Office Furniture. He finds the Olivia All Day Desk Chair which he finds to be reasonably priced and has many positive reviews. While Mike believes he may have found what he’s looking for, he decides to continue his search just to make sure.

So Mike continues his Google search. He finds The Ultimate Office Boutique and there are many options there. However, while watching a video about The Ultimate Office Boutique, he sees an ad from Kristin’s Office Furniture. He remembers how much he liked the Olivia All Day Desk Chair and decides to buy them for his office.

How Did Mike See Kristin’s Office Furniture’s Ad?

Kristin’s Office Furniture is using remarketing to show ads to people who previously looked at information about Olivia’s All Day Desk Chair. Anyone who was on that page has cookies saved to their browser and when they leave that page are eligible to see an ad on Google or any of their partner websites.

Be Like Kristin’s Office Furniture

Any business can run remarketing campaigns to promote brand awareness and to help bring potential customers back to their site. Contact Mountaintop Marketing to get started on remarketing campaigns, today!

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